Maynooth Physiotherapy Clinic

The Leinster Clinic incorporates one of Ireland’s leading private practices – Maynooth Physiotherapy Clinic

Services On Offer Include:

  • Prompt MRI Referral – No Waiting Weeks or even months
  • Prompt Referral to Our On-Site Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeons
  • Back, Neck, Post-Op, Shoulder Knee Ankle and Hip
  • One-Stop-Shop for Your Injury and Rehabilitation
  • Maximise Your Potential
  • Flexibility Assessments
  • Neck injuries including whiplash/degenerative discs/post-op rehab.
  • Back injuries including degenerative discs/muscle imbalances/post-op rehab/postural assessments.
  • Cervical+Lumbar traction to relieve the pressure on degenerative discs.
  • Trigger point release treatment to ease frontal/occipital headaches.
  • Sports Injuries from acute injuries to chronic injuries. Prompt diagnosis with rehab programmes tailored to your sports demands.
  • Isokinetic assessments and rehab for all musculoskeletal injuries to objectively measure power etc to guarantee full functional return
  • Sports injuries treated: Rotator cuff injuries/frozen shoulder/shoulder subluxations+dislocations
  • Elbow joint traumatic arthritis/Tennis elbow/Golfers elbow
  • Wrist jt sprains/fractures/Scaphoid fracture/De Quervains tenosynovitis
  • Hip Jt labral tears/Adductor muscle tears/Gilmore’s groin injury/Osteitis pubis
  • Quads+Hamstring tears/ ‘Deadleg’ haematoma injury/ITB syndrome or ‘runners knee’.
  • Knee injuries from meniscal tears/ACL+PCL tears/ Medial and lateral ligament tears/ Patellofemoral joint-
  • Chondromalacia patellae/Infrapatellar tendonitis/ Osgood schlatters disease.
  • Shinsplints/Compartment syndrome/CAlf tears/Achilles tendon injuries
  • Ankle ligament tears/ Talus bonebruising/ Ankle instability
  • Full rehab gym on-site for comprehensive rehab programmes.
  • Sports massage pre+post training/competing.
  • Sports taping for all joints to reduce the risk of reinjury.

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